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Essential Horse Riding Equipment

Horse riding is a popular sport, which all kinds of people enjoy. It is a great combination of exercise and pleasure for all ages. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider it is essential that you know about the horse riding equipments.

Horse riding apparels not only gives safety but also comfort to the rider, certain products can also protect you from extreme weather conditions, guarding your legs, arms, head and also areas of the horse. The essential riding clothes include breeches, jodhpurs, riding boots, hat, body protectors, gloves and riding shirt. These horse riding apparels are called as Equestrian clothing.

Riding hat is one of the most important pieces or safety equestrian clothing. Riding hats give protection for the rider's head, it is advisable to start wearing a hat or helmet from the moment we start handling horses from the ground. It is always best to buy new hats and make sure they are correctly fitted.

Riding jackets are typically worn during formal equestrian events such as horse shows. Your riding jacket should fit in such a way that it doesn't restrict movement. There are different types of jackets for dressage, show jumping, showing etc. Jackets are compulsory for competitions. You can buy casual jackets for every day riding and formal jackets for competitions and horse shows

Jodhpurs and breeches are very closely fitted, they should be comfortable and not restrictive. They are available in a variety of colours and fabrics ranging from the classic competition beige to coloured cord, denim jodhpurs and breeches. Riding jodhpurs and breeches are best suited for equestrian activities.

Make sure you have the essential horse riding accessories and make your riding more enjoyable.

Stoneybrook provides an extensive range of Horse riding equipments including horse riding hats, jackets, jodhpurs and boots.

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